a RAR! Production (Reynolds and Rowe)

Crabtree and Plumpton investigate

A spoken word project. All audio may be downloaded ~ Written by Jeremy Reynolds and Read by Tim Rowe …

An introduction to…

The Chiswick Key and, The Johnson and Butterfield Question.

Somewhen, during the great blazing heat wave, and the snarling, dread weirdness of last spring and early summer, London based voice actor Tim Rowe and I created this series of Criminal investigative yarns.

Featuring two utterly uncontrollable, hard drinking, narcotically twisted and highly unpredictable private detectives, one prized by The Government as a major national resource; the other resolutely committed to facing any danger with bare fists and hardened steel toe capped brogues.

These then are their adventures, penned by me, deep in the heart of ancient Sussex woodlands, and read and recorded by Tim Rowe from his radical ‘organic’ studios located in a Victorian working Orangery, in South East London.

We both hope you find something in these audio files that will dissolve the daily churn of life, and will breathe a whisper of delight into your mind’s eye.

Jeremy Reynolds ~ Tim Rowe

Reynolds & Rowe Productions. RAR!

Please find below… The complete series of ‘The Chiswick Key’ ~ A Crabtree and Plumpton investigation from the Diaries of Major William ‘Bill’ Plumpton. (Retired)

The Chiswick Key – Crabtree and Plumpton Investigate – Intro… The Leonardo Room
The Chiswick Key – Part One… Crabtree and Plumpton relax
The Chiswick Key – Part Two… Crabtree is barred entry
The Chiswick Key – Part Three… The Key explained
The Chiswick Key – Part Four… The train ride interrupted
The Chiswick Key – Part Five… Dining Alfresco at The Swine Inn, Sussex
The Chiswick Key – Part Six… Arrival and exploration
The Chiswick Key – Part Seven… The Truth of the Palmist’s Tent
The Chiswick Key – Part Eight… The System of the Stars
The Chiswick Key – Part Nine… Recuperation at The Jolly Sailor Inn
The Chiswick Key – Part Ten… Crabtree Explains, Plumpton Listens
The Chiswick Key – Part Eleven… The Pier the Ghost Train and its Passenger
The Chiswick Key – Part Twelve… Major Plumpton takes a trip
The Chiswick Key – Part Thirteen… Crabtree and Plumpton ReDux

Coming soon to an internet near you… ‘The Johnson and Butterfield Question.’

Wherein, our dynamic, ‘make it a double…’ duo, are launched into a highly secret and totally deniable investigation, into a threat from beyond normal levels of perception and credulity.

Assisted by; ‘The Rector,’ and enjoying the sporting entertainment of a simple, yet violently alcoholic village fair, they use all their powers of creative pharmaceutically propelled analysis, to get a firm grip for the sake of our dear island nation, on the problem of: The Johnson and Butterfield Question.

…and, here it is:

The Johnson and Butterfield Question

Our hard drinking investigators were last seen consuming a mind twisting away of rare wines and liqours, and enjoying a table crushing feast of gourmet roasts and farm fresh veg, in a Bognor Regis musicians club.

Alerted by critical information gleaned by Major Plumpton from an incinerated Russian maniac and spy, Crabtree had instantly dosed himself with a local variant of hoasca, an Amazonian hallucinogen, and with blood pounding seizures and flapping arms, commandeered a taxi, and with his ‘XO’ Major Plumpton, now a trembling bag of hopping fits and twitches, headed East, to the semi-feral and partialy civilised county of East Sussex and the vast darkly drawing expanse of Ashdown Forrest.

The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Intro… To Recap
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part One… Crabtree opens the batting, Plumpton keeps score
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Two… The Sussex Meteorite. The Rector Assists
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Three… The Sussex Meteorite continued. Crabtree and the Rector join forces
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Four… Major Plumpton and the Brahman of Bromley
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Five… The Astronomer of Bromley
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Six… The River and the Sussex Stones
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Seven… Major Plumpton Heads South
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Eight… The Great Midsummer’s Fayre
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Nine… Crabtree Organises the Great Plan
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Ten… The old Inn in the Forest
The Johnson and Butterfield Question – Part Eleven… The Old Smugglers Tunnel under the Forest

And that is where we will, (for the time being,) leave our two valiant and undauntable, intrigue unravelling – crime busting sleuths.

The Major’s diaries are kept safe. Entrusted to a highly secure private vault, deep within the lowest cellars beneath a castle along one of Sussex’s most sacred ancient rivers.

Thank you for listening.

Your author and narrator.

Jeremy Reynolds – Tim Rowe.

Reynolds and Rowe Productions – RAR!

Crabtree and Plumpton will return…


A Christmas Special Episode:

The Egyptian Cat

A separate recollection from our Diarist, Major ‘Bill’ Plumpton. This extract is a more personal recollection, in which Crabtree is not mentioned, although his ever enigmatic and booze inclined presence, is not far from the grim and nightmarish story laid out here.

This short tale introduces us to a foul and avaricious solicitor, a supernatural-flesh severing North African animal, and a Christmas Eve of gut heaving, bloody ‘murder’, that will forever be etched into the minds of all who were the involved in this quite unique case of gore and Yuletide horror.

A Christmas Story… The Egyptian Cat