other voices

…single readings; various one off pieces.

Written by Jeremy Reynolds, and read by Tim Rowe ~ RAR !

During the writing and recording sessions for the Crabtree and Plumpton series, Tim and I also worked on a few topical, (at the time,) and hopefully, insightful, shorts.

Revolving around, and reflecting on the mass-weirdness and nigh-on unfathomable gibbering’s, that spewed out of 10 Downing Street, and the endless groan of apocalyptic prophets, bawling in foaming grunts from every radio phone in show, and news ‘story,’ …we came up with these:

The Bromley New Normal

A public information message from Tim’s own London Borough regarding the new social and behavioural regulations now in force.

Having just listened to that for the first time in a year, I am rather of the mind that this is still a topical and real element of the new world that we have drifted into.

The Brighton Beat

inanity.co.uk’s roving reporter Tim Rowe secured an exclusive interview with a senior Officer from the Sussex Police regarding their new powers to enforce whatever laws and inventions the Government has deemed necessary to control the seaside population.

The Roadie

It’s not all current affairs and critical analysis of national disasters at inanity.co.uk …

Our music and vibes correspondent Jeff Gibson has been hunkered down with a hot new London based Power Trio, ‘Fist2Face’ on their tour of the Midlands.

Here’s his first report from life on the road.