Cooking with Gloria

Cooking with Gloria ~ Performed by: Gloria Rowe

This short video, features Gloria Rowe as a rather unlucky home based TV cook, trying valiantly to do a lockdown video with the help of her utterly hapless and much put upon other half.

I should make it clear, I just wrote a six page script. (Inspired by Gloria’s outtakes posted on her instagram account, of her performing a scene from the stage play Benidorm.)

This I thought, was a possible area for further exploration. (ie: Inventive swearing and boozed up harridan levels of screaming fury etc.)

I sent a few more scripts, but I suspect time and other real world demands meant unfortunately we saw no more.

(The scripts will be added to the ‘writing’ page.)

Gloria is credited here with filming, editing, producing and performing this little masterpiece.