saturday, nov 27th

New addition to aesthetic review Hopefully a few more items will appear as we go along. Comments to the site are of course closed. This is not a dumping ground for spambot swill. But any thoughts can be emailed to me for inclusion. j

tuesday, nov 23rd

My London visit is currently postponed. Which is a shame, but it wasn’t going to be the great inanityUK get together I had hoped for in any event, due to the uncertain timings of my exciting day in Westminster. And I am in the mind to cancel any more, (I consider,) pointless peering’s and scanning’s …
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tuesday, nov 16th

Plenty of photos to upload for you, but I haven’t looked into a gallery arrangement yet. I know what I want, but I am expecting the usual mind warping battle to achieve it. Also, fingers crossed that on my next visit to London, my creative partner and I will have a much anticipated meet up …
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