thursday, aug 19th

podcast update … still baffled by the insistence of WP to sling the new uploads into unheard of areas in the site, and not simply add them to the original page. But the work around is to follow the links I have added. Or better still to subscribe – hth’s j

tuesday, aug 10th

Podcast confusion – I have no idea what I’ve done or why there is only one showing in the Plumpton Diaries podcast page, although I have just spotted that the url is actually pointing to the first episode… Not to the feed as such.. I will hammer away with what editing I can do and …
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wednesday, aug 4th

What a week .. Podcast launched .. an excellent reading from TR from the Plumpton Diaries. flavicon updated.. should swim through the internet to all browsers in due course. Just need to start the photo essay…   j