thursday, dec 30th

As 2021 continues like a runaway truck driven by a demented maniac into the innocent poor buggers lined up to see the carnival parade, I have to acknowledge that despite the fucking dreadful personal probs, it’s been alright… a lot of success. This place was set up, the audio etc housed, photo project is still …
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monday, dec 13th

Still struggling to organise the Pictures – I really need to just shoot some and sort out my Photo-Processing. Currently I have an old version of PS on a PC but it didn’t seem to handle the jpegs from my camera. It was workable, but missing the great details contained. So, I may have to …
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wednesday, dec 1st

ok… Trialing the built in Gallery feature. Many tests to do, so it all may change. Plus I have to process the pictures for the various planned Galleries and give them Titles. So watch this space. And the images tab.