thursday, july 15th

Massive strides to spam our art across the web are paying off – We have two… (well one really, as the other is Tim) followers on Twitter @inanityUK – A musician, so hopefully he’ll spread the word. Or more likely drift off and noodle on his guitar or piano. j

tuesday, july 6th (more)

The photo – image stuff… again, a bit of a test. To see what kind of page is on offer in this theme / WP feature. Those shots of flowers etc, will go, and I think… I may, just may, go with a weekly B/W shot. Not sure atm. j

tuesday, july 6th

A new one off RAR! episode is now up on the spoken word page. A Christmas Special, featuring Major Plumpton, up to his neck in a hideous, mind scrambling, surreal Christmas Eve adventure. Do not fail to tune in, as Tim voices this story in tones of utter treacly and cosy, rum soaked, mellifluence. j