Welcome to ~inanity.co.uk (version 2 …)

inanity V1 was a phpbb forum based website, that spiralled into a black hole in a server farm somewhere in Scottsdale Arizona, mainly due to neglect, lack of users, and my hosting admin moving on, and I lost contact. That was way back in the mid 2000’s ..

But now it is back – hosted at vast expense here in the UK, backed up to the gills .. and ready to be filled with a fistful of pictures, mainly of my garden and village, some written work as the mood allows, and as a permanent home for a spoken word project Tim Rowe and I worked on last summer.. when the sky was a burning wave of raw fire, and madness crawled like a plague of scorpions across the country as cvd19 spewed its bile on our dear country.


But anyhoo… lets hit submit, and see what happens.




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West Sussex ~ England