saturday, february 26th

Page Three of my disastrous bus ride with Here and Now is offered up here: other words Not sure if this is really a good idea, but oddly I have had mainly positive feedback. So I will continue. j

monday, february 21st

Feb 2022: Memoir one INT/EXT: NIGHT – LATER – BAND BUS – MOVING How to explain . . . I now find myself sitting at the front of a single decker bus/coach. But I’m sitting on a step of some sort looking down at a hole in the floor of the bus/coach, seeing the headlight …
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friday, february 4th

A new writing zone – Possibly this might get filled up with a §batshit crazy stroll down memory lane from 1970 -1979 … at the moment it is the home of my 2009 Obit for John Martyn. A full explanation awaits you. j