monday, jan 10th

A small but exciting tie-in with our Twitter account… and my Instagram account also; picture 4000 Any day now, picture 4000 will be born. We have no idea on it’s artistic leanings. Hopefully something worth looking at, if only for a brief moment, as the viewer flicks away a moment that makes up a dull …
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wednesday, jan 5th ~ 2022

Hi, Happy New Year! Ok.. so we have a brand new page: from our own correspondent – ~ This is where any words of wisdom – right of reply etc, from ‘s selected Roving Editors and Contributors appears. We start the New Year with a personal note from our first featured Artist, Joe …
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thursday, dec 30th

As 2021 continues like a runaway truck driven by a demented maniac into the innocent poor buggers lined up to see the carnival parade, I have to acknowledge that despite the fucking dreadful personal probs, it’s been alright… a lot of success. This place was set up, the audio etc housed, photo project is still …
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monday, dec 13th

Still struggling to organise the Pictures – I really need to just shoot some and sort out my Photo-Processing. Currently I have an old version of PS on a PC but it didn’t seem to handle the jpegs from my camera. It was workable, but missing the great details contained. So, I may have to …
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wednesday, dec 1st

ok… Trialing the built in Gallery feature. Many tests to do, so it all may change. Plus I have to process the pictures for the various planned Galleries and give them Titles. So watch this space. And the images tab.

saturday, nov 27th

New addition to aesthetic review Hopefully a few more items will appear as we go along. Comments to the site are of course closed. This is not a dumping ground for spambot swill. But any thoughts can be emailed to me for inclusion. j

tuesday, nov 23rd

My London visit is currently postponed. Which is a shame, but it wasn’t going to be the great inanityUK get together I had hoped for in any event, due to the uncertain timings of my exciting day in Westminster. And I am in the mind to cancel any more, (I consider,) pointless peering’s and scanning’s …
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tuesday, nov 16th

Plenty of photos to upload for you, but I haven’t looked into a gallery arrangement yet. I know what I want, but I am expecting the usual mind warping battle to achieve it. Also, fingers crossed that on my next visit to London, my creative partner and I will have a much anticipated meet up …
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monday, oct 20th

Righty ho… lets get upbeat. Whilst writing projects are at a stand still, the ‘new concept’ dept is working at maximum levels. So, something may appear. On another note: The Photo page will, (fingers crossed) be having some new and highly lively additions posted in it. (And the holding pics taken down.) I have a …
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