thursday, 23rd june

And it’s here: The UK UFO Men ~ ”Bible” a tv series concept A little entry into the world of The UK UFO Men … more will appear. Just don’t expect it soon. j

monday, june 20th

As we revolve around the sun, and slowly make our way to the longest day, and the inevitable inner celebration of all things that relate us to the deep union with our Solar System, that we all have … inanityUK is very proud to post an update: A major new writing project is underway: The …
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wednesday, march 30th

Well, as I habitually start off, well … that’s it really. The new writing was not really happening in my view, so I will leave it as is – and leave it up on the site. Photo’s – Never happened. I will try, but it may not get anywhere. I am still tho’ keen to …
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tuesday, march 8th

Oh well, in for a penny … Page Five of the somewhat slow paced meander back to somewhen in the 1970’s is up. How much more I slosh up here is unknown, but I will at least finish the current painful saga. Soon. j

saturday, february 26th

Page Three of my disastrous bus ride with Here and Now is offered up here: other words Not sure if this is really a good idea, but oddly I have had mainly positive feedback. So I will continue. j

monday, february 21st

Feb 2022: Memoir one INT/EXT: NIGHT – LATER – BAND BUS – MOVING How to explain . . . I now find myself sitting at the front of a single decker bus/coach. But I’m sitting on a step of some sort looking down at a hole in the floor of the bus/coach, seeing the headlight …
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friday, february 4th

A new writing zone – Possibly this might get filled up with a §batshit crazy stroll down memory lane from 1970 -1979 … at the moment it is the home of my 2009 Obit for John Martyn. A full explanation awaits you. j