tuesday, nov 23rd

My London visit is currently postponed. Which is a shame, but it wasn’t going to be the great inanityUK get together I had hoped for in any event, due to the uncertain timings of my exciting day in Westminster. And I am in the mind to cancel any more, (I consider,) pointless peering’s and scanning’s into my eye. What’s this about you say? A permanently fucked right eye is what it is about. And that is more than enough whingeing from me. So, what to do.. I think, we’ll get the festive season out of the way, get some serious gardening in, to restore balance, and then come March, when the days have a bit more light and a bit of early spring warmth, I will then re-convene the inanityUK creative team building and booze driven day out in the ancient streets and pubs of old London, and with a bit of luck TR and I will develop a new and entirely new direction for written and voice projects.




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