wednesday, march 30th

Well, as I habitually start off, well … that’s it really.

The new writing was not really happening in my view, so I will leave it as is – and leave it up on the site.

Photo’s – Never happened. I will try, but it may not get anywhere. I am still tho’ keen to do something. And I will endeavour to put some effort and action into it.

On the plus side : all the old stuff with Tim is housed safe, and we are both very proud of it. Our combined efforts over that lunatic-mad spring/summer of 2020 now fixed safe here in our own, ‘Leonardo Room.’

Stuff you don’t need to really know, but if you have been a fan of the work and enjoyed browsing the site … I have mentioned two personal issues, very briefly, but to clarify and make clear:

I went down last March/April (not certain now) with a very painful condition, now stabilised with pills: Peripheral Neuropathy. That was a massive distraction and very unpleasant. But, now it is under control.

And then in September I had an eye stroke in my right eye, resulting in loss of sight.

The left eye was ok – but over time my sight has deteriorated, I now find it very hard to even bang out this stuff.

So, things will be quiet here –

But, if you have enjoyed the audio and any of our efforts, thank you.



occasional writer ~ photographer and admin here at / collaborator with Tim Rowe on the audio work - resident of the mighty ancient county of Sussex