monday, jan 10th

A small but exciting tie-in with our Twitter account… and my Instagram account also; picture 4000

Any day now, picture 4000 will be born.

We have no idea on it’s artistic leanings. Hopefully something worth looking at, if only for a brief moment, as the viewer flicks away a moment that makes up a dull day…

It’ll be shot on the Fuji – A dash of PSE on the newly re-vamped iMac, and as high a res, as I can muster.

The actual picture will be presented to a lucky follower on Twitter, who hurled himself over the crush barriers and belted like a firebombing freak to the front of the queue.

What they do with it is their own business.

If this new, spontaneous venture gets wings as the pro’s say, I may run it out again for the 4444th pic

Get in now to book your copy.



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